Marha who?

Marha Irdina Binti Izzuddin is printed clean on my IC but Marha, Mars and Mar are the names called by the people. I personally like Mars though.
"I'm 18" should be believable because something about my face (God knows what) makes me look older than my age. Let's just say if I tell people that I'm somewhere between 17 - 20, they'd totally fall for it. But no, I'm actually 16. Don't gawp.

I'm a pessimist and an optimist all at the same time 'cause I can. Ehhh. Maybe I'm more to a pessimist though. Negativity always win when I'm handling a situation and that's a big big minus. How to overcome that? No idea.
A saint and a sinner is also another way to describe me and again ... I'm reaching out more to the dark side than I am to the good. Meh.

I can be friendly, I can be mean, but really, that all depends on how others treat me. In general, I see everybody as a friend. I'll smile at you, I'll be polite and I'll definitely be kind. But if you release your inner bitch to me for no reason, then prepare to battle mine.

Music is probably the only thing I am into. What I listen to varies. From pop to indie to post-hardcore, I jam to all of 'em. Unfortunately, as big as my love and appreciation to music, I somehow can't play anything instrumental. I used to take piano lessons but that's just about it. I discontinued the lessons after 4th grade because I sucked. I can't even sing!

I'm a girl, sure, but fashion is way out of my expertise. I go shopping like what, twice a year? Yeah, very loserly. I personally think that it's not my fault for not having a very classy wardrobe and a stylish sense of fashion, it's just that I can't afford my style! I dig Doc Martens but do you know how much it costs for a pair? It's pricey as fck. As for the clothes, I would so raid thrift shops (I can actually afford this) but to find such stores in Malaysia is almost impossible. Topshop is nice too but yes, the price. It's all about the $$$.

My talent is how good I am in being talentless. I can't sing, I can't dance, but who cares, I walk like Rihanna. HAHAHAHA ok no. I just can't do anything.

Know more about me in the posts I'll be updating in this blog ey? Thank you. Goodbye. Good day.

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