Monday, December 26, 2011

Ready or not ?

Assalamualaikum people :) 

How's it going ? 

As we all know , PMR results have been announced 4 days ago and I'm very proud of the 2011 batch of form 3 students since many of them got excellent results in their PMR slips . I bet they all worked really hard to get those aces and making their parents proud to say 'My kid got straight As!' to everybody . I'm so sure those students started studying like waaaaaaay before they sit for PMR and that's then when it hits me . 

Don't I wanna ace those 8 subjects too? Well , duhh , everybody does . But then , why aren't I starting anything? Why am I still ... here ? In my imaginary world ? 
I realized I need to cut the crap and start being serious in the real business ; PMR . 

I wanna make my mom proud again . I made her proud once , when I got 5As for UPSR but comparing to PMR , that was nothing . PMR matters more . But of course , SPM counts more than anything but this is the other big step which I can't take for granted because this one determines what stream I'll be taking when I'm in the upper form . 

I need to get a start on something . Fast .

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