Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hypocrite much? Oh you 'bitcha'

First of all,
So one day, I did some artsy work on some paper cut-outs, card boards, paints and whatnot which was a way of me killing time in school. And to my surprise, I received a few compliments regarding those 'works' I've been doing from a number of my friends but one girl negatively commented on them and said it was worthless, a waste of my time and that I was just creating a gimmick. I accepted her comments without contradictions except for the gimmick part. Honestly, her logic is so fucked up. Is it even wrong to create something for myself without getting called an attention seeker? It's not fair because the whole idea of me doing those stuffs were just for the sake of my own satisfaction.

So that's strike-one for the little nuisance.

Much much later....
I found out that she has been carrying out the same art project I did which she directly said to me how annoying it is TO HER. So why is she copycat-ing me? Hypocrite much? I wouldn't say so if she haven't commented anything bad on whatever I was doing, but then she did and indirectly showed hatred towards it. So when she did the similar 'snitchy' work I did, there's no doubt that she's just being envious before and her ego made her say something that could hinder me from continuing from whatever shananigans I was happily doing so she could just steal my idea away and make it hers. Okay, I might sound a bit vain here but that's how I see it ._. 
What I did was not a gimmick. But what you did WAS!
 You judge, I judge.