Monday, December 26, 2011

Ready or not ?

Assalamualaikum people :) 

How's it going ? 

As we all know , PMR results have been announced 4 days ago and I'm very proud of the 2011 batch of form 3 students since many of them got excellent results in their PMR slips . I bet they all worked really hard to get those aces and making their parents proud to say 'My kid got straight As!' to everybody . I'm so sure those students started studying like waaaaaaay before they sit for PMR and that's then when it hits me . 

Don't I wanna ace those 8 subjects too? Well , duhh , everybody does . But then , why aren't I starting anything? Why am I still ... here ? In my imaginary world ? 
I realized I need to cut the crap and start being serious in the real business ; PMR . 

I wanna make my mom proud again . I made her proud once , when I got 5As for UPSR but comparing to PMR , that was nothing . PMR matters more . But of course , SPM counts more than anything but this is the other big step which I can't take for granted because this one determines what stream I'll be taking when I'm in the upper form . 

I need to get a start on something . Fast .

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Meow - Are we cute ? No ?

We're legends .

Me and Alysha are like sisters 'cuz we sort of grew up together and what makes us closer is that our age is not much of a difference , actually . Just one year apart . I'm 14 and she's 13 , and since she's almost as matured as I am , she doesn't even look younger than me . In fact , we're like twins with different appearance , but the same attitude and the same way of thinking .

So anyhooo , both of us were really mischievous when we were around 5 or 6 , and still are , to be honest . But we were naughtier back in the old days :P

This is how naughty we were :
Our grandma was praying upstairs , so me and Alysha climbed up a sofa to reach grandma's cuckoo clock on the wall . The cuckoo bird was sticking out of the clock house so we played with it and pulled it . Then suddenly , THE CLOCK FELL OF THE WALL ! We sort of panicked but because we're legends (and also scared of our grandma) , we carried that big ol' thing behind the house and threw it in the swamp on the other side of the fence :3 When our grandma finished praying , she wondered where her clock was but we remained silent and did our poker faces . I mean , hey , we're awesome (and scared) .

There are more , but there's too much to write and I'm currently lazy , so yeah .

Now both of us grew up into teenagers and of course we've gotten more matured . So no more clock destroying for us but replaced them with worries of what to wear and those kind of teenage crap . pfft .
I wish I can go back to my childhood and break more clocks *sigh*

I love my badass cousin <3

Monday, November 14, 2011

I'm a happy animal girl .

Yesterday had been one of the happiest day of my life because my wish to work with animals came true !

How ?
Well ..
My uncle has been doing volunteer works at the National Zoo for quite a long time and he decided to do it again yesterday . Since I LOVE animals and zoos , I joined him with two of his friends ; Kak Bahia a.k.a 3ahia and Leo (I don't know what his real name is) and they were awesome ! 
By the way , my uncle (I call him Abang Eddie) is on the left of the picture and I'm pretty sure you can tell which one Kak Bahia is :D 

Me , Abang Eddie and Leo worked at the elephants' and giraffes' section while Kak Bahia was on a different one because she had intentions to slap a Tapir's butt so she took the bear section as Tapirs were under that category .

I really wanna tell you how everything went from A-Z but I wanna make it short so lemme just jump to the awesome parts I had during the volunteer work .

Honest shit . That's the second thing we did after we swept the exhibit . I bath two elephants ; Siti and SiBall and both of them were cute but Siti was more playful , though :3 Anyway , Siti decided to be 'playful' with me so she sprayed water on my FACE and the smell wasn't at all pleasant . But it was fun and the zookeeper told me I was one of the lucky volunteers to get sprayed :3 heckyes . But too bad we can't take pictures when we're working in the cages :'(

Afterwards we went for morning break at the canteen and here's when we camwhored a bit :D

He snapped before I was ready -.-

A picture wouldn't hurt :3

After morning break , we swept the little road at the restricted part of the exhibit and we mostly did nothing afterwards but we needed to stand guard in front of the exhibits and watch out for visitors who tried to feed the animals . 
We went for lunch break at 12.30 but we didn't eat , although we did bought drinks. We met up with Kak Bahia later on and explored the whole zoo .

That guy in blue is Leo 

Po-po-pony :3

Oh , I forgot to tell you something ! Those girls in orange are Kak Hani and Kak Shaz (I think) who works in the same section as ours and both of them were on a volunteer program under UiTM Shah Alam :) 

Victory for Kak Bahia because she successfully spanked the Tapir and she said the surface of their "skin" feels like carpets :O

We finished our lunch break *as if* at 2 pm so we continued our work but this time ,

They're such big eaters !
And why do I look like this ? ._.

This is how close we were to the 4 months old baby giraffe :) 
I think he likes me :3 cehh .

After we finished feeding these taaaaaall animals , we went out front where the zookeepers of this section were sitting and started chatting with them . They were all so friendly especially Uncle Hisham and Uncle Ravi and their jokes were hilarious and I love em !

Left - Right 
-Abang Eddie , Leo , Me , Uncle Hisham , Uncle Ravi-
I borrowed Uncle Ravi's bike and rode it around that area and everybody stared x) wee :3

Our volunteering session ends at 4 pm so we still had extra time to hang around the zoo so we went to the bird house to meet the zookeepers who Abang Eddie and Kak Bahia knew . 

That's Coco the Blue Macaw and he's the star animal who performs in most of the animal show held in the zoo. He weighs 2 kilos and I swear I could've tipped over when the zookeeper placed him on my shoulder. My face tensed bcs I feared the macaw would peck me on the head if I move too much and also because he was clenching my shoulder using its claws and they were really sharp .

I saw one of the zookeeper having a shorter version of this feather stuck to his ponytail so I asked him if I could have one , so his friend took one for me :) yay :D

So for 8 hours , almost none of them were wasted on laptops , phones and those stuffs . How awesome ? 
It was really tiring doing these works and my leg still aches until now but it was worth it . It was worth it . Plus , the whole thing helped me gain other things like knowledge and friends but also the love for animals and nature :) 

Man , I miss those animals already and believe it or not , I became teary last night before I went to sleep just thinking about them . Weird , I know -.- 

Abang Eddie said that they might be volunteering again next week so if he's really going , he might take the reptile section and of course I wanna tag along :3

Thanks for reading !

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Undeniably Awesome (Y)

Well what can I tell you , we are awesome when we're united B)

Oh , she's my cousin by the way . Her name's Alysha and she's 13 this year . But I don't feel like she's younger than me , y'know , because we've been through a lot of things together when we were young so I've been treating her like my own twin sister . hehe :3
We even have the same clothing and shoe sizes !
That's why when I meet her , we'll exchange clothes , shoes , etc. without having to worry about the sizes :P
awesome kan ? hek :3

Too bad she lives miles away from me , though . But nevermind , she'll be coming to KL during the holidays soon , so that's my chance to go crazy with her again ! :D teehee
I can't freaking wait ! 

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Little Drama Queens ?

I'm reunited with my cousin , and this is what happens

Saturday, February 12, 2011

5 things that are very annoying during school days

1. People that try to insult you and you’re just like

2. Someone tries so hard to be funny but they aren’t

3. People walk so slow in the hallways and you can’t walk past them so you’re stuck behind them

4. You find out you have a quiz today

5. When you get picked to answer a question but you didn’t even raise your hand