Monday, July 7, 2014

Being A Teen

What being a teenager is from the point of view of my 10 year old self:
  • Curves
  • Instant beauty after puberty
  • Silly crushes on boys
  • More duit raya
  • Loaded with $$ 
  • Girls night out with your BFFs every weekend
  • Boobs that could actually fit a real bra
  • Dress fashionably (now that the chest got bigger)
and the list goes on...
    I was exposed to this kind of mindset when it comes to teens. I see them walking around malls with high heels on, going shopping, looking attractive and turning heads, it made me wish for time to go faster and 
    make me like them. I wanted to grow up. I don't want to be treated like a child anymore. No more scheduled evening naps, no more looking like an ugly plank, no more mockeries regarding my ugly kiddy face and no more "Duduk rumah je. You're still young" phrase from your parents.

    Well now I'm already in the shoes of a legit 17 year old and guess what? I hate it and I wish I was 10 again with the scheduled evening naps. Instead of happily ticking away the things I listed up there, I am now scowling at every single one of them.

    Curves? You don't get it as easy as that. You have to actually work for it. Well, for most of us at least. Some lucky girls though, get their curvy body figure by genes but even so, to maintain that shape is not very easy. From what you eat to what kind of workout you're practicing, it all counts. No pain, no gain.

    Instant beauty after puberty? BULL. If you're born with natural beauty, lucky you. If you know how to play around with cosmetics and fashion, kudos to you too. But how about  us who are plain looking and have zero idea on how to put an eyeliner on? What's our luck? Sure, there will be a few changes here and there once you've reached puberty, but that's it. Skin problems still happens, acne comes around once in a week, your lips gets chapped all the time and how is this fun to be a teenage girl again?

    Silly crushes on cute boys sound fun huh? Did anybody warned you about what will happen if you get hooked to a person and your happiness becomes dependent? I bet not. There will be a time in our teenage years where you fall for someone. Sometimes they fall back for you, sometimes they don't. Painful if it's the second one, I swear.
    Now let's say you got yourself into a relationship. Yeah, you'll be happy if it works out well. But do you really think it's happy all the way? And how sure are you that the relationship will stay strong forever? You're bound to get hurt once in awhile whether you like it or not. Worse if you're already attached to that person who wounded you. Are you really up for the make ups and the break ups?

    More duit raya means more cash? Hypothesis rejected! In my family, the older you get, the lesser money you'll receive. Even if you are loaded with the help of savings and allowances, do you know how an average teenager spends? It's like pipe water. Money. Gone. In a blink of an eye.

    Girls night out with your BFFs every weekend? No way especially if you have strict parents who got you on the end of their leash. "Duduk rumah je. You're still young" is still on repeat even at this age, my love.

    Boobs that can actually fit a real bra? Wey I'm still flat. I still can't wear a lot of girl clothing because of my chest that resembles a nice varnished piece of plank. Yeah, I wish I had more chest to fill my cup. Although ironically, the girls who are naturally busty, begs for smaller ones! Because according to them, almost everything they wear will make them look bigger in size thanks to the bust. Girls and dilemmas; inseparable. Oh that's one more thing about being a teen! THE DRAMAS. Don't get me started on that, though.

    Dress fashionably? This might not be a problem to most girls except for me. I have quite an expensive taste in fashion so yeah, unaffordable. Not to mention the flat body figure that I sadly own. Meh.

    So all in all, being a teen is not as easy as it looks like. Don't get me wrong, you're not going to be shitface depressed throughout your whole teenage years. You'll have your moments. The happy, the sad and the bittersweet. I'm just saying that it's not gonna turn out to be the life your 10 year old self was expecting. It's way harder than it seems and you got to learn how to deal with it.

    Best of luck.

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