Friday, August 8, 2014

The List

I've always wanted to travel. It's a passion I've had for a very long time but  never got the chance to live the dream. But one day, when I could just pack and leave for the journey, I want to be ready. I want a list of all the places I wanna go (doesn't necessarily have to be somewhere far. Some park I've never been to counts too) so I could keep track and not miss a single destination.

With spunky baby steps, I'll start with my country, Malaysia:

  • Kuala Gandah
  • Kundasang
  • Taman Negara, Pahang
  • The Chilling Falls
  • Bukit Fraser
  • Amcorp Mall's Flee Market
The real deal:
  • Havasupai Falls, Arizona
  • Alaska
  • Iceland
  • Venice
  • Greece
The list doesn't end here. It will be updated.

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