Thursday, September 18, 2014

Of Boredom, I suffer

I don't wanna rot alone, so I decided to post facts about myself and bore you guys as well.

  • My full name is Marha Irdina Binti Izzuddin
  • I was born on 14th June 1997 (day/month/date)
  • I am an American citizen by birth but am also a Malaysian because my parents are from here and I've lived in Malaysia for as long as I remember) and this makes me feel torn because I have to choose my permanent citizenship when I turn 18. 
  • My star sign is Gemini 
  • My parents are scary
  • I have 10 siblings (if you have them!) and they're also quite scary
  • I am currently at school / university / college or I currently work at 
  • What I like about my school / job is my math teacher, my clique (lah sangat) and the loitering kittens at 6.15 am every day
  • What I dislike about my school / job is pretty much everything that defines 'school'
  • I am saving up because my parents are not really fond of buying me stuffs..
  • My home is in KL (place) and I have lived here for 4 years and a half (years)
  • My friends are (names and descriptions)
  1. Alysha (cousin, my legit 'BFF')
  2. Azlina (personal counselor)
  3. Khaleeda (funny as fuck)
  4. Hakim (horny all the time)
  5. Amin (I wanna punch his face) 
  6. Nik (fatso)
  7. Nadiah (sinetron actress)
  8. Izza (naturally hilarious)
  9. Sarah (Izza's bestfriend, have nuclear bomb launch codes in her head)
  10. Nadia Emira (braceface and gorgeous)
  • I love people who can keep a conversation interesting (take risks / tell funny stories, etc.)
  • My favorite activity/activities include travelling alone (to nearby places) and I love to do this because it makes me feel independent and some places appear to be more scenic when I'm by myself.
  • My favorite color is aquamarine because it reminds me of the shallow end of the sea.
  • I love to say babylon and my most over-used saying is probably 'because' and 'fuck' (sorry)
  • My favorite meal involves rice (because I'm so Asian) and my favorite snack food is home-made egg sandwiches YUM
  • I consider myself to be a bit of both (healthy/unhealthy) and fitness is/is not sort of important to me. This is due to factors such as my big love handles and flat ass.
  • Changes to my lifestyle I would like to make include having a better stamina and stop procrastinating.
  • I am a total klutz, reckless and everything unholy (clean/messy/organized/chaotic)
  • I lose/don't lose things all the time, I CAN'T EVEN
  • I don't need to change anything about my life or lifestyle because that's a lie. I DO. Desperately, even.
  • The person who supports me the most is my boyfriend and in my life he has helped me to not be so depressed 24/7 although he often becomes the cause of my hair-tugging nights..
  • The best time of the day to me is way after midnight because that's the time where I couldn't care less about the problems in my life bcs I'm deep in my sleep.
  • I like (sunrise/sunset) the most because I sleep till the sun is above my head is why
  • I need to have food every day. duh
  • I hope to hear Michael Buble singing in my ears as I go to sleep (music/bands/a phrase/poetry/a speaker)
  • I want to see my ex get donkey kicked by Chuck Norris (films/shows/flowers/nature, etc.)
  • I am frightened by loneliness (snakes/cockroaches/bills/the dark) and this makes me a wimp
  • My favorite movie of all time is Love Actually
  • My greatest inspiration is uh....
  • My all-time role model is UHHHHH because UMMM (no, honestly, I don't think I have one)
  • I would like to be like Emma Watson because she's an awesome example of Beauty and Brains.

  • When I was little I remember that I watched South Park in someone's apartment (one of my earliest memories)
  • I felt mostly happy (happy/sad or other emotions)
  • My childhood was generally (positive/negative, etc.) and this is because I didn't have a phone or a tab back then lol
  • My family is uhmmm (amazing/crazy/sad/wonderful/split up. etc.) and this is because ..... *sighs
  • The good times I remember were sushi dinners with my family before our movie starts (when my dad was still here) 
  • The hard times I can remember include the day my father died, and the day my mom remarried
  • I find / always found school to be depressing (easy/difficult/fun, etc.) and this is because I often feel isolated by the people who I thought were my "friends"
  • The best teacher I ever had was Miss Nina because he/she gave me Powerpuff girls stickers on my spelling book all the time and that made me realize that Powerpuff Girls stickers are motivational
  • The worst teacher I ever had was Encik Salleh because he/she practically whispers when he teaches and I can't hear a thing because I sit in the back of the classroom like waaaay back and that made me realize that I'm not a Vulcan
  • The music I like to listen to is Indie / Alternative because it sounds like pop candy in the form of music and makes me feel very hipster
  • I grew up thinking that love is not something that lasts forever
  • I changed in 2010
  • The first concert event I ever went to was _____ (band/event) at the _____ (place) and I went with _____
  • I found the experience of being in a large crowd to be scary and sort of fun at the same time? (description)
  • The best holiday I ever had was two years ago when I went to Perhentian Island with my family and we went snorkelling (it was my first time and it was amazing) (description)
  • The best thing anyone has ever said to me is "Ya Allah, lawanya" by Fazura (yes, the Malaysian actress). I couldn't get over it for a week.
  • The worst thing anyone has ever said to me is "Marha nampak makin chubby" 
  • What no one has ever told me is that they can't live without me
  • My first crush on someone was Firdaus Burhanuddin because he liked me first (HAHAHA) and it happened when I was 10 
  • The first time someone had a crush on me was in 2007 and it felt so weird to be honest because "A BOY LIKES ME WHAT THE HELL SHOULD I DO NOW" and it turned out to be well, nothing because he moved the next year
  • In the past I have been hurt by my ex (emotionally) when I was 15/16 because I gave too much of my love to someone who deserved none.
  • In the past I have hurt my other ex when I was 13 because I felt as if he was controlling my life and I feel displeased about it
  • My most successful day was when I scored a 'Turkey' at bowling
  • I received recognition when I became an athlete during primary, became the new girl in my current school when I was 13, and when I sang 'You Can Count On Me' in front of everyone (graduated/won a prize/got a job/moved out, etc.)
  • I am proud that I still have a clean wrist even after years of being mildly depressed. 
  • I look back at my life and I feel that things have changed so fast over time because it felt like it was yesterday when I was still very innocent.
  • The greatest lesson I learned was not to trust ANYONE and I learned it when I got lied to and lied.
  • The wisest thing anyone ever told me was "Kalau ada jodoh takkan ke mana" HAHA and it helped me to get over a break up and move on.
  • The first time I was scared was when .... shit, I don't remember.
  • The last time I went out was last week.
  • The highlight of my school years was when I.... don't even know
  • The greatest risk I ever took was when I sneaked out to help a friend find my cousin's house in bloody Shah Alam.
  • The best result I ever got was when I was 15. 
  • The worst thing that ever happened to me was when I lost the trust of my late father. And apparently my mom too now
  • The peak experience of my teen years was ... can't believe I'm saying this, but when I rebelled and sneaked out.
  • The craziest thing that ever happened to me was something I did last year. Don't ask me what it was. please
  • The funniest thing that ever happened to me was forgetting the lyrics to the song I was supposed to sing at my kindergarten concert. I was already on the stage.
  • The last thing I purchased was a bracelet.

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