Sunday, July 21, 2013

A question to my 14 year old self: WHY?

I just had to remind myself how I was two years ago. I scrolled through my previous posts that were dated back in 2011 and oh. my. God.

The posts were so silly, I can't even... I curse a lot too back then, even more than I do now and that deserves a good amount of spanking. Wasn't I aware of how disgraceful I was? 'Crap' in every paragraph? 'Effing' before every verb? Referring to other people as 'bitches' all the time??

If I could travel back in time, I'd go back to 2011, slap myself and go, "NO." I apologize to everyone for my lack of manner in my past updates. I had no control over it as it was the immature 'me' who wrote all of that. Well what to do.... 'kids'.
Don't bother searching for those posts though 'cause I deleted most of the embarrassing ones and I know better than to let you guys taste the satisfactory of laughing at my sorry ass :P So save yourself from wasting time and make a good use out of it instead. 

I still regret being the 14 year old that I was though... 

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