Tuesday, July 2, 2013

hi again.

Mm it has been awhile (yeah, 10 months) since my last post and I figured I should write something , anything at all for you guys to read :) 


No one ever reads my blog. It's a ghost town here. So yeah, the best way to explain why I'm here after going missing for almost a year is because I'm bored.
I'm lying on my bed in my towel, soaking in the laziness and I don't know what better things to do. Okay don't tell me to study, please. I won't. Go, cry me a river, beg me, persuade me with anything at all and I will still be very hesitant to study if not completely rejecting the idea of opening a book. 

Good God why can't life be more exciting by just lying down .... oh hahaha I guess that's why good dreams exist. Lie down, close your eyes and have the time of your life! In your head. Mmm. 

I'm still bored though ... HI.

I think I wanna continue posting stuffs on this blog. Oh yknow since I got a new phone and all :P so the blog is pretty much accessible anytime anywhere... chicken. 
That was random.

Before I go, lemme just tell you that my life is stepping up a notch lately and weeeeeee it feels good. SO BLOODY GOOD to be happy again and it's all thanks to this one special somebody :3 


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