Tuesday, July 2, 2013

16? Already?

Today should be the second day of the second half of 2013. Already, huh? Yeah, it's true what they say; time flies. Because it really feels like it was just yesterday when I took my first paper for PMR. The nerve, the excitement, the twisted knot in my tummy, I could still feel it.
Ah damn, I wish time could take it easy for awhile 'cause I really don't wanna be 17 too fast. I'm 16 now.... how the fuck did that happen?! D: 

The next thing I'm going to say is probably gonna make the lower secondary students go 'Oh damn she's bonkers', but kids, I miss being a PMR candidate so badly. Life was still easy back then and those 8 subjects? You can ace them, no problem. But you still have to study la of course.

My senior told me the same thing last year and I couldn't believe a word so I laughed and replied 'It is soooooo hard to be in my shoes rn, you have no idea. I'm dying ohmygosh' and now, I really feel like taking that back because first, I sound stupid and second, I finally understand them after standing in their shoes.
SPM, my friend, is a murderer.
Biology, Addmath, Physics, Chemistry ; a combo from hell.
The others are a pain in the ass too so yeah, no worries. You know, PMR is child's play once you get involved with these subjects. I'm really not looking forward to SPM especially when I'm a science student.
Hmm, Science stream; get. out. of. it.

The subjects are not the only thing that changes when you get into form 4 though. From what you learn, to the style of learning, it's all different. And from this point on, there's no more playing around 'cause you will be in for a ride. If you don't know how to carry yourself throughout these two years of hell, you're basically dead.
I'm dead.
But I'll try my best. No more fooling around then.... 

Whatever. I still can't believe I'm 16. Alright.

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